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Free Drum Lessons

Free Drum Lessons Online - Aside from pro drum lessons from established artists, there are lots of free lessons available online. Find lessons on beginning rock drumming, drum tuning, drum rudiments, how to play cool drumbeats, drum fills, and much more.

  • Drum Articles - Professionally written lesson articles on drums and drumming.
  • Beginner Drum Lessons - Find free beginner drum lessons & more online.
  • Drum Tabs - Drum Tabs for free online. A large database of drum tab resources.
  • Drum Rudiments - Free videos of all 40 drum rudiments! Hybrid rudiments too.
  • How to Play Drums - Links to free drumming resources on how to play drums.

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Drum Videos

  • Check out this new Paradiddle Drum Lesson which highlights paradiddle groupings that you can apply to drumsets.
  • DrumChat.com Drum Forum - One of the best resources for no-cost drumming lessons is a forum where you have expert drummers in there talking about drums and sharing everything they know... FOR FREE!

So You Wanna Play Rock and Roll?
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Drum Bum's free drum lessons hub features links to beginner and advanced lessons covering Funk Drumming techniques from the pros. Check it out today. - Drum Lessons

411 Drums

Play along with songs without drums on them. YOU are the drummer!
Find these extremely helpful lesson "minus drums" CDs at Drum Play Alongs .com. These invaluable drumless instructional cds and dvds allow you to play with drumless music. The music is "minus drums" so YOU will get the spotlight on the drums!

Video Drum Lessons
New! ... See the video drum lessons over
at DrumChat.com. Free drum beats, solos & more!

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