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Drum Lessons.org serves to organize all available drum lesson content for you. Featured are drum lessons through media such as drum dvds, drummer books, and drumming cds but also includes numerous links to free drum lessons available online through our many drum resource sites. You won't believe all of the instruction material on this site. You will find drum lessons for every kind of style here, including: rock, jazz, funk, metal, latin percussion, blues, and even lessons on double bass drumming.

Powered by Drum Bum, this site brings you beginner drum lessons; all about playing beginner rock beats and cool drum fills on drumset. Get information on buying a drumset, as well as the basics of drumset such as learning basic drum rudiments, and especially learning drum tuning and how to tune your drums properly. Finally, get your drum playing in high gear with lessons on how to play the coolest drum licks on drumset. Did we mention that there are hundreds of drum lessons on line for free? Well, you can check out many of those free drum lessons by simply clicking on the hyperlinks to free lessons. Or click any media graphic for lessons from a pro drummer on every drum subject.

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Drum Lessons are the key to getting good on the drums. Without lessons, you're left to your own resources and you may find yourself coming up short. The web is filled with paid lessons but also freatures free drum lessons. This site will serve to help bring you both. Search throughout this site on beginner drum beats, how to set up drums, how to tune drums, double bass drumming, rock drumming, drum rudiments, how to play fancy drum beats, drum fills and more. You can even learn how to play a cool drum solo!

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