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We've created this drum lessons guide for you to help with finding the right type of educational material that will assist with your specific needs. We'll be updating this frequently and we hope you find it helpful.

If you're a beginner, you may want to first check out our beginner drum lessons page. This page features drum books and dvds that will guide you through getting started on the drums as well as tips on snare drum technique, drum rudiments and more drumming lessons.

Drum Rudiments are at the foundation of every accomplished drummer. The word "rudiment" comes from the term "rudimentary". Drum rudiments are sticking patterns that form the rudimentary base for stick control. Drum Lessons organized features numerous books and dvds that cover drum rudiments and basic sticking patterns essential for developmental growth on the drums.

Every drummer wants to play drum fills. It's one of the most fun things to do on the drums (drumset or percussion). Drum fills can be intimidating but all you have to do is start with one simple drum fill and get it down real good first. You'll then quickly find that they get easier the more you do them.

One of the first things you want learn as a beginning drummer is how to tune drums. Your drums are not going to sound good if they're not tuned properly. Even drummers that have been playing awhile struggle with drum tuning. Here at Drum Lessons .org, we have numerous drum tuning methods on books, cds and DVDs.

Rock music is certainly among the most popular of styles and every drummer wants to know how to play certain rock drum beats and fills of his favorite rock song, band or drummer. Find several rock drum lessons on books, cds and DVDs over in our rock and roll section.

Every drummer looks forward to being able to play pounding double bass drum rhythms on the drumset at some point along the way. Double bass patterns can really spice up a fast, driving rock tune as long as its played tastefully. Learn double bass drum beats and fills with lessons from the great double bass drum players of our time.

Djembe drumming is all the rage right now. Learn all about how to play the djembe with pro drum lessons on books and videos. Whether you want to play the djembe in a drum circle or simply supplement your drumming with knowlege of an additional percussion instrument, the djembe is a good and popular choice. Don't be a one-dimensional drummer. Learn an additional percussion instrument and get more gigs!

If Metal drumming is your thing, you've come to the right place. See
our collection of the finest metal drumming lessons around. We have books and dvds featuring some of the great metal drummers of our time.

Drummers often start out on the snare drum because they either play snare drum in high school band or they start off with snare drum lessons with private instruction. Either way, snare drum lessons offer focused training which allows the student to zero in on hand technique, drum rudiments and reading.

Forget drum tabs. Serious drummers learn to read music. If you learn to read drum music, you'll rise to another level of drumming. You'll not only be able to write your own drum parts but you'll be that much more prepared for the audition that comes along for your favorite band. This has propelled many drummers into the spotlight.

A popular style of drumming for up and comers is blues drumming. This is a style of music that's easier to wrap your head around as a beginner drummer as it's simpler in concept. That said; blues drummers are known for an exceptionally deep groove and "pocket". This takes concentration and really 'playing for the music'. Learn how to play the blues with blues drum lessons media on books, cds and dvds.

Learn how to play rock drumming beats like the pros. Our books, cds and DVDs feature drum lessons from the great names of rock drumming and feature tried and proven drumset beats that will enhance your overall style. Ever wanted to learn that heavy Bonham style? Or how about that classic Ringo sound? Check all the media we have to offer that cover basic to advanced rock drumming beats.


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Drum Lessons are the key to getting good on the drums. Without lessons, you're left to your own resources and you may find yourself coming up short. The web is filled with paid lessons but also freatures free drum lessons. This site will serve to help bring you both. Search throughout this site on beginner drum beats, how to set up drums, how to tune drums, double bass drumming, rock drumming, drum rudiments, how to play fancy drum beats, drum fills and more. You can even learn how to play a cool drum solo!

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