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Drum Tuning - Learn all about drum tuning. Awesome tuning resources and lessons for tuning drums and drumsets. Tons of information on how to tune drums properly including tips and secrets on how to tune the snare drum, tom toms, bass drum, how to control snare buzz, how to muffle drums, and how to mic the drums for live playing and studio.

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ASAP Drum Set-Up DVD
This excellent drum lessons DVD teaches you how to put together, tune and set up your very first drum set. Drumming pro Bart Robley starts with the basics, covering in detail: opening the boxes, assembling the set, tuning, hardware, the drum rug, the bass drum, muffing and muting, ear plugs, set ups, teachers, drums lessons, and more!

Drum Tuning Lessons
With this DVD, you'll get the sound out of your drums that you've been looking for. Pro drummer Bob Gatzen shares his vast knowledge of sound production and design in this comprehensive and practical approach to drum tuning. The method is simple, straightforward and effective for all styles and all levels of drumming.

Drum Tuning Lessons
Drum Tuning Guide Book/CD
The Drum Tuning Guide Book/CD pack is designed for drummers of all styles and levels, as well as recording engineers and producers. It contains step-by-step instructions along with over 35 professional photos that allow you to see the tool and tuning techniques and methods up close.

Drum Tuning Lessons
Learn how to tune your drums! This awesome tuning method CD instructs drummers on the exact drum tuning methods to get your drums sounding great. From amateur to professional, this drum tuning cd is getting rave reviews from top professionals and drum instructors wordwide.

Drum Tuning Lessons
The Drum Handbook - Drummers from beginners to pros will relish this comprehensive guide to the tools of the trade! The Drum Handbook gives you the in-depth drum lessons you need to tune your drums just like the professionals to get that perfect drum sound. A must have for anyone tuning drums!

Drum Tuning Lessons
101 Drum Tips Book/CD - Ready to take your playing to the next level? This book presents valuable how-to insight that drummers of all styles and levels can benefit from. The books provides essential drum tips on drum tuning. Every drummer can benefit from the drum tuning tips available in this book with accompanying CD!

Drum Tuning Lessons
In addition to the nuts-and-bolts details of topics such as each drum and its parts, drum tuning techniques, and the steps for changing a drumhead. You'll learn how to expertly tune your drums to get just the sound you want, arrange your drumset in a way that's right for you, and make adjustments and repairs that will keep your drums and equipment in prime condition. This drum lessons book is a great addition to any drummer's collection.

Drum Tuning Lessons
This concise and well-organized Handy Guide is a must for every serious drummer. This drum lessons book is written in an easy-to-use, step-by-step format with lots of photographs and diagrams, this one-stop sourcebook covers all the drum lessons you need to effectively and consistently tune your drums.

Drum Tuning Lessons
In-depth coverage of popular percussion instruments, including history, tuning, maintenance, techniques, exercises, ensembles, and more, from a world-renowned educator and performer, Kalani. Each book comes with an enhanced CD featuring additional multimedia content, including demonstrations of all rhythms and techniques and tuning instructions. This is a great drum lessons book about Bongos.

Drum Tuning Lessons
The Complete Guide is a totally rethought and expanded edition of the original Tipbook Drums (2001). This accessible and convenient guide offers both beginning and advanced drummers a host of information on the drums. Covers selecting and testing drums and accessories; maintenance for drums, and adjustments to drums. This Drum Book is great for drummers of any level.

Drum Tuning Lessons
This celebration of the art of drumming is a must-have for all drummers, beginning to advanced. With essential tips on techniques and tongue-in-cheek anecdotes, The Drummer's Almanac is informative and fun. Features lots of photos, interviews, quotes, jokes, drum lessons, tuning tips from the pros, maintenance info, studio stories, helpful hints, and so much more!

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Drum Bum's free drum lessons hub features links to free beginner and advanced lessons on numerous drum lesson topics such as drum tuning techniques from the pros. Learn expert drum tuning methods for awesome sounding drums. - More drum tuning tips.

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