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Drum Rudiments - Learn all there is to know about all 40 drum rudiments. Check out quality videos of the single stroke roll, paradiddles, the double stroke roll, flams, the pataflafla, single ratamacues, nine stroke roll, the press roll, and more rudiments online. Learn drum rudiments from these great, professional books and dvds.

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Buddy Rich - Rudiments Around the Kit Book/DVD
In this book, Ted takes Buddy's rudiments from the original book and carefully applies them to the drum set. There is no favoring of the downbeat in any of the rudiments, allowing the student to gain confidence and control while developing a natural vocabulary around the kit.

Drum Rudiments Lessons DVD
Anyone Can Play Drum Rudiments DVD
Learn how to play the foundation of drumming with the Anyone Can Play Drum Rudiments DVD! This valuable educational drum lessons DVD provides drum students with a working knowledge of the basic 26 drum rudiments which they will use to build their drumming skills.

Drum Rudiments Books
Rudimental Warm-Ups Book / CD
Skill-Strengthening Exercises for All Drummers. This drum lessons book/CD pack from seasoned drummer/ percussionist and Musician's Institute educator Maria Martinez provides drum exercises and variations based on the 40 contemporary snare drum rudiments. This is a great drum lessons book to practice with.

Beginner Drum Lessons DVD
Complete Drum Set Rudiments Book / CD
Use your imagination to incorporate these rudimental etudes into new patterns that you can apply to the drumset or tom toms as you develop your hand technique with the Snare Drum Rudiments. This drum lessons book will have you perfecting your rudiments in no time.

Drum Rudiments Books
Snare Drum Basics DVD
Snare Drum Basics DVD -This snare drum lessons DVD is the ideal reference for drummers of all ages and experience levels, providing them with the means to develop their rudiments skills. Great lessons on learning snare drum rudiments as the foundation of drumming.

Beginner Drum Lessons DVD
Drum Rudiment Dictionary
Drum Rudiment Dictionary - This guide, containing the Percussive Arts Society's 40 International Drum Rudiments, begins by addressing the seven essential rudiments necessary to perform all the other rudiments, and continues by covering roll, diddle, flam and drag rudiment categories with variations of each.

Beginner Drum Lessons DVD
Play Drums Now! DVD
This "How to Play Drums" DVD, noted drum instructor and performer Dick Petrie teaches the absolute beginner drummer to master the drum techniques. Learn drum set up • matched grip stick holding • single and double stroke rolls & other drum rudiments • drum fills • playing the “backbeat” on drumset • and more.

Beginner Drum Lessons DVD
Tipbook Drums Book
Tipbook Drums. The Complete Guide is a totally rethought and expanded edition of the original Tipbook Drums (2001). Features lessons in: selecting and testing drums and accessories • maintenance for drums • adjustments to drums • intonation and tuning drums • drum rudiments • basic beats for drums, and more!

Beginner Drum Lessons DVD
Steve Gadd Master Series DVD
Steve Gadd Master Series DVD - On this DVD, Steve is featured in an intimate master class setting at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. Longtime fans of Steve, as well as younger drummers just discovering him, will learn his wisdom and insights on a wide variety of topics: funk patterns, rudiments applied to the kit, and more!

Beginner Drum Lessons DVD
Jeff Queen: Playing With Sticks + The Next Level DVD / Book
A two-for-one package! Jeff Queen, a four-time solo snare drumming world champion, presents a comprehensive guide to rudimentary drumming technique. In this drum lessons DVD / Book combo pack, Jeff instructs you on fundamentals to a detailed analysis of the Moeller Technique and Velocity Stroke.

Beginner Drum Lessons DVD
Play Drums Now! DVD
In this "How to Play Drums" DVD, noted drum instructor and performer Dick Petrie teaches the absolute beginner drummer to master the following techniques: drum set up • matched grip stick holding • single and double stroke rolls & other drum rudiments • drum fills • playing the “backbeat” on drumset • and more.

rudiment Drum Lessons DVD
Primary Handbook For Snare Drum Book / CD
Learn the proper methods of playing the snare drum with this internationally acclaimed book! This current edition of the Primary Handbook For Snare Drum Book is a book no snare drummer should be without as it contains essential and comprehensive materials vital to beginning and intermediate level drummers.

Beginner Drum Lessons DVD
Ultimate Realistic Rock Book / CD
Drumming legend Carmine Appice has once again updated the best-selling drumset lessons book in the history of rock drumming. In addition to the classic information of basic rock rhythms and polyrhythms, linear rudiments and groupings, hi-hat and double bass drum exercises, and shuffle rhythms.

Drum Rudiments Poster
Drum Rudiments Poster
Learn drum rudiments the easy way. Now you can have all 40 of the official PAS Drum Rudiments displayed on your practice room wall. The helpful, educational wall poster illustrates the standard drum rudiments that every drummer should know. It provides teachers and students with an indispensable resource of drumming knowledge.

The Complete List of Drum Rudiments:

Drum Videos

Drum Rudiments .com features all 40 standard PAS drum rudiments, free videos of each rudiment, rudiment history, drum rudiment categories, rudiment hybrids, drum resources, and more. See even more free drum rudiments and exercises at our drum lessons database as well as drum rudiments books at drumsetbooks.com. Simply awesome!

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